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The Secret Life Of Bees

Dental Nurse:  Do you have a DVD?

BourbonBird:  Yes.  Wait, what?

Dental Nurse:  I watched “The Secret Life Of Bees” last night.  Do you like it?

BourbonBird:  I’ve read the book but haven’t watched the movie, no.  I enjoyed the book although I didn’t think I would, since it looked a bit Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Dental Nurse:  Well I don’t know what Yo-Yo Sisters is, but “The Secret Life Of Bees” reminds me of you.  I was thinking of you the whole time I was watching.

BourbonBird:  Creepy.  What, because I’m a big black mammy and my life’s work is in honey?

Dental Nurse:  Haha!  No.  *walks away*

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