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Feeling guilty…

…because I don’t remember the Berlin Wall coming down.  Give me a break, I was three.  I was busy hiding from rats the size of monkeys in the Philippines, and/or eating my own shit.  Apparently, I did that.  I should ask my biological father about that one. 

What have I been up to?


Badgering everyone to donate to Team Goose for Movember.  A couple of solid cash promises at work but I won’t see it until the end of the month, and one online donation so far from Robb, it’s looking about as weak as the boys’ moustaches at the moment, but I have faith that it’ll be half decent by the time Movember wraps up.  Even if it’s to support other friends, get behind it for Prostate Cancer and Beyond Blue, the national depression initiative.


Cooking!  It’s obscene how much I love to cook these days, but it’s no surprise seeing as I have an even more obscene love affair with food.  Seriously though, the store bought crap was making me feel sluggish and have decided to overhaul my diet, as well as The Cub’s and Chuck T’s and, to a lesser degree, Jerkface and his brother, Goose.  Fresh food cooked from scratch, my specialties include Beef Stroganoff, Chex Mix (hardly healthy but awesome nonetheless), Beef Goulash, Chicken Stir-fry, Corned Beef Hash, and home-made herb and garlic bread.  I must admit I offset the healthy factor here by loading anything I can in butter, but that’s my journey.  Having said that, it’s about time I’ve started to put some effort in… better than when I first left Jerkface and set the oven in my unit on fire, threw a dry teatowel and a bowl of water in to quell it, then ignored it until the end of my lease…


Gardening!  I have a tiny balcony, but I’ve been so health-kicky that I’ve decided with The Cub to start growing our own produce in what little space we have.  A natural progression, even though I have a tendency to do everything backwards.  We now have a Michael Bay tree, a miniature lemon tree, garlic chives, onion chives, garlic, oregano, sweet basil, and lettuce.  I’ve also gone a bit mental with buying indoor plants and now have a couple gigantic Japanese Peace Lillies, a palm tree, a hanging purple and pink flowering-type thing, and a Venus Fly Trap.  Rad. 


Gaming.  Well, this is no surprise.  I’m currently playing the greatest love story never told, Valkyria Chronicles.  I am a complete artard with having to move the camera to follow me.  Fact.  Warning:  Do not Google with a 6yo child in the vicinity, as Hentai fan art is rife online.  It’s kinda totally hot.


Resenting Robocop and Unicorns.  These stupid pond snails have been banned to the back of my balcony to respawn and be ignored.  Unfortunately, there are so many baby ones that I can’t move that they’ll have to stay when we next go tadpolin’ on the STEP Track


Having people over, in my home, willingly.  Actually inviting them over.  I know.  I know.  It’s completely not me, but more than a couple of people who know me well enough have commented the same.  I’ll blog about this before the week’s over. 

Things to do soonish:

Rock climbing with the boys.
– Dawn visit to Bondi (ew) to see Sculpture by the Sea
– Cook some Filipino food.  Specifically, Leche Flan and Adobo.  I’d marry those if I could.
– Hit the gym and kickboxing.  I’ve been lazy as hell about it.  I shouldn’t be, as I have a free pass to kick the hell out of Jerkface.  I could be putting off the skipping ropes because I seem to have forgotten my motor skills and can only manage to whip myself in the face with it.  Every time. 
– Divorce.  Y-E-YES.  High-fives and support from everywhere, this’ll be a cinch.  I’ve only been putting it off because it’s expensive and a paper trail nightmare.  It also means I have to look at my finances, which is something I’ve ignored intentionally up to this point.  Jerkface is one of my best ever friends and Chuck T’s stability and happiness is a mutual goal, so no problem!
– Find a house to move into after Christmas.  Yep, moving!  Moving in with The Cub and Chuck T, with a puppy to follow!  My inner-feminist is balking at the thought, but she’s not so unnecessarily ragey these days.

So that’s me.  Whatcha doin’?

Update: For lunch, I had a miso soup with second-hand smoke from the kids next door, a chocolate caramel eclair, a coffee caramel eclair, and a slice of hazelnut chocolate gluten-free ganache.  I ate the ganache with my fingers and icing sugar exploded everywhere on my face and pants.  It was delicious.  Umm.

Update 2:  I just asked The Cub to bring home some plain biltong as well as chilli beef snap sticks from the deli after his trip to the gym and now I’m downing a beer.  Whilst watching The Bold and the Beautiful.  Double umm.

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  1. November 11, 2009 at 4:38 am

    Wow, busy busy busy!

  2. Amy
    November 12, 2009 at 1:32 am

    Cooking is awesome – the clean up afterward is what bugs me. Props for starting a little garden patch too. I keep meaning to but I’m a) kind of lazy in that regard and b) concerned that the dog will destroy my efforts.

    Looks like life is happening.

    Sidenote: moustaches creep me out. Just sayin’.

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