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Friday on my mind…

… and by Friday, I absolutely mean Morgan Freeman.

I’m not even what you’d call a fan.  Yes, I have enjoyed the movies I’ve seen him in, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a movie ticket or DVD just because Morgan Freeman was in it.  I would, however, most sincerely and genuinely feel sad when he eventually dies. *

But however I feel about him is moot at this point because I’ve been thinking about him on and off for the last few months.  A lot.  A whole lot.  Bunches.  Pallets.  Hammocks worth of thought.

To be more specific, I’ve been wondering how much he’d charge if I asked him to record himself saying “Morgan Freeman OUT!” so I can put that on my phone for whatever notification sound needed it to perk me up. 

This sort of stuff pops into my head for no reason and sticks.  It spills into whatever conversation I’m having with whoever whenever I have the thought, and there’s no real segue to warrant it.  Family, friends, employers, patients, strangers whilst waiting in line to pay for something, the lot.  I have a few thoughts that roll around like this, so I think I will make it a regular Thursday BourbonBird Redux thing.  Where I can, I will update on my progress.

Come on.  Think about it.  I don’t care how respectable he is, he must have a price. 

And when I find out what that is, I will meet it. 







If he is non-compliant, so help me, I will poop on his car.**

*I would feel the same about David Attenborough, too.

**Maybe. Unless, at some point, I get in touch with his agent and am taken seriously. Then I totally wouldn’t. 

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