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So busy! Yarly!

January 27, 2010 4 comments

I figured, though, before Robb kicks my arse again, I should update.  Kinda.  In point form.  Does point form count?

1)  School’s back.

2) My real estate agent is dick cake.

3) I’ve regressed to calling people Dick Cake.  Again.

4) Fishing on a tinnie in the middle of a storm is not a good idea.

5) 2/3 of my lychees have survived this incredibly stupid weather.

6) I’m flying up to QLD for a mini-holiday in mid-February.

I shall elaborate on these in the next few days, if only to feel less guilty about my lack of blogging.

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January 17, 2010 4 comments

I was getting a lift home with a co-worker and her husband last Thursday when we drove past “Supa Saverz” that had me ranting vitriolic without the swear words about how I refuse to enter places of business where the shopfronts succumb to stupid textspeak-type names.  BUT.  I would go out of my way to enter any shopfront stating that it’s “_____WORLD” or “_____PLANET”, et al.  

Blah, blah, getting woozy from the altitude of my soapbox. 

He’s a pastor and she’s a part-time Sunday School teacher, God bless them. and the hubby said that I would make millions having my own television show about whatever.  They laugh. 

Sweet things make them laugh. 

Sweet things make me laugh, too.  When I’m high on Valium and blinking out of time like a scorched lizard at high noon.

What a horrible thought, my own television show.  I’m my biggest fan when it comes to stupid things that make me laugh and the last thing I need is the pressure of making other people laugh.  Find your own fun and let me have my Semtex Fails* and Ipecac Challenges* in the solitude and darkness of my own home and heart.

*I see that these are, in fact, not my funnies but funnies of other people.  See?  Hilarious and safe for my wellbeing.  Shhh.

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Jellyfish R Dum

January 15, 2010 3 comments

With Christmas and New Years Eve out of the way, I’ve been doing a whole lot of fuck all, really.   What I have done during my break is relax.  Fishing, cooking, gardening, making The Cub watch The Wire, fishing, fishing, fishing.  Did I mention fishing?  I caught a jelly the last time I went out, which was sort of ridiculous.  It doesn’t even have a fucking mouth!  Dumb.  Oh, and I followed a pelican around for a bit but when he turned around to look at me with his huge eyeballs and huge beak, I ran.  I’ve seen the .jpeg of the pelican with a child’s head in its mouth, I’ve been schooled.

The Cub and I also took The Kid and two of her best girl friends to the Australian Maritime Museum, as they had a Mythical Creatures and Play with Water children’s programme on.  Lesson:  Never do that again.  Fuck taking three 6 – 7 year old girls to anywhere you want to go.  They do NOT have an “Inside Voice”, they run like retarded giggly fugitives high on crack and have a squealing range that can shit all over a dog whistle.  Fuck.  That.

The Kid turned 7 two days ago, too.  I won’t bore you with the details of how rad she is, but she’s learned to facepalm whenever she sees any adults do anything cheesy.  Hilarity.  She likes Hannah Montana.  Non-hilarity. 

The Cub moved in.  It’s been a journey, yes indeed.  I re-discovered that I hate having my stuff moved around.  I also discovered that I hate even more when bags that I had intentionally put away to go through another day (= never again) find themselves just sitting out while the rest of my house is being organised and tidied up while I’ve been powernapping.  It was confronting but we talked things through and all is now okay… much neater and okay.  As for the powernapping – I do powernap as often as I can, but it’s been a bit moreso lately as I had Swine Flu over Christmas.  My mind has caught up but my body hasn’t.  I can’t go a day without having to have a siesta around 3pm for about an hour.  It sucks.  The Cub’s been fantastic about it, especially since I passed it on to him and he caught its worst ON Christmas Day.  Oops.

Truth be told, after all of that, I’m still feeling a little restless.  When I left the house I grew up in, I had to leave behind my education.  It’s a half regret, really, seeing as I didn’t really have that drive to study at the time, but as my adult life came to overwhelm me with all sorts of taxpayery boringy thingies, I soon realised that it was something that I needed to do.  I think I’ve written about this before, but I can’t remember when or where my head was at with it.  Actually, I still don’t know where my head is at with it.  I could well study within the field I’m working in now.  I don’t want to become a medical practitioner (hello, wankfest), but I have drive enough to stick out a long degree or two and I have two heavyweight mentors in wholistic healthcare to help me along.  I could study with an aim to work in a specialist field and be safe in knowing that healthcare will never die out.  Umm.  Unfortunately, there are many careers in healthcare that interest me and it ends up confusing me more than I want to be confused.   Or.  I could study to leave it completely and start fresh in another field.  Which leaves me starting at the bottom and working my way up, which I have a lot of respect for, but how much time and energy do I have after all of that with study?  Then there’s the matter of replacing all my furniture, expanding the family, getting a mortgage…

God, I feel so old.  I should fish to take my mind off it.  At least until The Wire 5 comes out on Feb 5th.  Do NOT tell me what happens, Robb and Erik, please!

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